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How to live and work in Vietnam as an Expat?

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Lately, we can see that Vietnam has been drawing a lot of people for teaching English. This is a very popular choice for expats to choose the teaching of English in Vietnam. But this does not actually top the chart.


Availability of jobs in Vietnam market

There are many jobs that are available in the Vietnamese market. There are many industries that provide jobs, some of them are electronics, mining, tourism, construction, and information technology. Vietnam is undoubtedly one of the best destinations for English language teachers as it is the most travelled city in the world. The low cost of living, good food, and nice climatic conditions make it one of the best destinations to travel as well as work. This can be a great start for English teachers to choose their careers. English teaching skills are a great choice in Vietnam as it would fetch good earnings when associated with the right choice of company. 

Interest towards learning English

As we all know that the people of Vietnam consider English very seriously. Alongside other subjects, like mathematics, the English language as a subject is considered with the highest priority in schools. There are parents who want to teach their children English even after school hours. They believe and strive to give their children the best they can when it comes to learning English. There are plenty of students who opt for private tuition as well. This provides a very high scope for the teaching of this language. Also, the parents try to seek the help of a native English speaker for their lessons. Preference is given to them. They believe they can give the best possible result that they are looking for. 

Why English is important?

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Now the most important thing that runs through our mind, is why Vietnamese people consider English so important. The main reason is that they want to improve the tourism and trade of the country. In doing so, they are of the view that when more business offers come from other countries, they can provide more job offers to the local residents of the country. 

Criteria to find a teaching job in Vietnam

The major criterion for you to secure an English teaching job is you should be a white person. Even though this looks like racism, it is the truth. Again, if you are qualified enough to secure the job but if you are not a native English speaker, then finding the job might be difficult but it is not impossible. Trying your hand in bigger companies or in international schools might help better in this situation. It is because of this racism that even qualified people might get lower pay. It is better not to accept the contract as this job has a high demand in the country. There will definitely people who are willing to pay you more for your skill. So, waiting patiently will be the best option. 

There are many things that will be required by the schools or firms that would hire you. The first and foremost would be graduation. This should either be connected with English or teaching fraternity. And the other things would be basic like the TOEFL certificate, (Test of English as a Foreign Language) passport and visa, experience certificates, etc. 

The schools in Vietnam give first priority to physical appearance and color, not to forget the accent. But this is not it. Your experience speaks most as they want to give the best to their children. As I said before, they are very serious about English, so the quality will also be their main concern. 

This is also the best option for people who are looking for a side business apart from their main career. This job can provide you the required money and also it is not going to be a tough call for people with the right skill. 

Outsourcing in Vietnam: Trendy sector to work as an Expat

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Vietnam also offers several outsourced job offers. These are most suitable for people who work in a strenuous work atmosphere or work in a place where they are stressed continuously causing mental trauma to them. In the world market, Vietnam gives a lot of hiring talents to outsourcing companies. There are many freelancer platforms that are offered in Vietnam and these are ready to hire your rare skill or if you want to be self-employed. This could be a better choice as you can mentally free and also unveil your fullest potential.

This can also leave you with a clean work and life platform. Finding a job in Vietnam as an Expat requires preparation such as finding a first internship or even work as a volunteer for a couple of months. According to your skills, the topics you are familiar and your experiences abroad, you would be able to find a job in vietnam for foreigners. On Movetoasia.com, you will find a complete guide to help you finding your dream job, reveal your full potential and be happy as an Expat living in Vietnam.

Rules and regulations for outsourcing

For outsourcing, Vietnam has regulated many rules and also the deposit amount for the outsourced jobs that are permitted. Some of the key points to remember from the labor license regulation is the license period, outsourcing period, the list of jobs, the license conditions. One should know that the labor license period is for sixty months. These sixty months can be extended to how many ever times required. The list of jobs has been extended jobs like a personal secretary or admin related works, receptionist, sales jobs, tour guide, etc. There are about 20 jobs on this list. 

For expats who are good with the skill of engineering and manufacturing, Vietnam would be a boom. Vietnam in recent years has tremendously improved in the manufacturing sector, hence job opportunities have increased. As a result of this, there are many multi-national companies have been entering the field and thus the right opportunity is provided for the ideal candidate. Also, people who are multi-lingual find great opportunities in Vietnam. As it is the most visited tourist destination, jobs in tourism would be in abundance. So, people with multi-lingual skills are required to promote their travel and tourism wing. 

Like this, there are numerous opportunities that one can find in Vietnam. Brushing up the culture of Vietnam before choosing to relocate will be a better option. In order to have an effective and proficient reputation, one must adhere to the local culture. 

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